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À Coeur Où? Vers... B & B et Coaching

Une approche holistique

When I first came to Canada, I went through some tough years of adjusting to a new country, culture, ethos. I met Suzanne Larocque, my husband’s friend and was struck by her sunny and sunshiny persona, her genuine warmth and sincerity. She helped me during those initial years with her one-on-one coaching and made me look at myself with gentle honesty and made me realize that once I befriended my issues, they could become my strongest allies. I was strengthened by her encouragement, her discussions that went simply and directly to the core of the issue...moreover, it helped to ground me, de magnify what I perceived as “problems” and changed my perspective to seeing the positive and optimistic side of events. This positive outlook that she motivated me to inculcate was not just a shiny gloss over the issues or a magic pill...but a choice we all have and to work at, a path we can take to make our journey more worthwhile and enriching....if we do the inner work.

What I valued, Suzanne, is that your coaching was not “clinical” and the caring you showed was authentic. Thank you for all your motivation, support and for being there for me when I needed it most. I have cherished this as one of the bright spots in my life here.

Merci beaucoup,


Freelance Writer and Ayurvedic Health Practitioner